Kurihara Choro RETURNS to Sendai Mission OCTOBER 24th 2016!!

Monday, May 1, 2017

Transfer 5 Week 3

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It was another great week in izumi this week! We ended last week on
kind of a sad note, having kojima kyoudai drop us and then dropping
another investigator. So at the beginning of this week we really got
ourselves motivated and re-dedicated ourselves to give our all. After
p-day ended on Monday we were determined to start off the week right.
The second door we knocked on became a new investigator, we got out a
Book of Mormon and we got 4 lessons! Ive never started off a week like
that my whole Mission! It was just a real tender mercy from the Lord
that made us feel good and brought our morale up!   Also another
awesome thing was that I made contact with one of the home stay kids
that stayed with my parents (yushun) and he came to church yesterday
in izumi! He had gone in Hawaii with my family but this was the first
time in japan. He enjoyed it and stayed for the whole time! He also
mentioned how it was the same as the ward he went to in Hawaii with my
family! We had a good talk and I encouraged him to continue meeting
with Weathered and Watanabe Choro (nagamachi elders). He was saying
that he feels he is still a little young to pursue serious religion
and mentioned maybe getting more into it when he goes to college, but
i promised him that this message and Christ's gospel could bless him
and his family now! We are going to keep in touch and I think he is
going to come to one of the youth activities in the future. I really
believe that God had a hand in placing him with my family and I pray
that he will continue to seek to learn more about this gospel!

We had zone conference this past week as well and it was awesome as
usual! It was the last zone conference we would have with our mission
president and also the last zone conference for the missionaries i
came into this mission with back in 2015! That kind of hit me hard and
made me realize how fast time goes by, especially in the mission
field. I am so grateful or the opportunity to serve the Lord full-time
in proclaiming His gospel.

Hope you have a great week! Thank you for your love and support!

Kurihara Choro