Kurihara Choro RETURNS to Sendai Mission OCTOBER 24th 2016!!

Monday, April 24, 2017

Transfer 5 Week 2

Hello Everybody hope you all had a wonderful week!


It was really sad to be dropped by our really awesome investigator

Kojima kyoudai this week. We were meeting with him 3 times a week and

i thought for sure he would be able to be baptized this week. He moved

from Sapporo about a month ago and so when we found him streeting in

shogen he had just gotten here, i think that's why we were promoted to

talk to him. About the second meeting we had with him he brought up

the fact that his boss (he works at a ramen shop) said some negative

things about our church and just church in general. Kojima kyoudai

said that his boss advised him to stop meeting with us and focus on

work. At that time when he first brought it up we asked him if him

meeting with us honestly was negatively affecting his life or keeping

him from working hard in his job, and he of course said no. Well after

one of our really good lessons on prayer (he had just barely tried

praying sincerely the night before and we had him pray with us right

there to ask if the book of mormon and the message we were sharing was

true) he said that he was sorry but he wanted to take a break and not

meet with us for a little bit. He said he wanted to focus on work

since he had just barely started. He also said that he already felt

pretty happy in his life. Of course we did everything we could, I bore

my testimony and with tears in my eyes i promised him that this

message would bless his life. I felt like i was just on my knees

begging and pleading for him to not turn away now. I could tell at

this point that he had already made up his mind and it really was a

sad heart breaking experience. But after he left and we said goodbye,

amongst all the sad feelings i had i did feel this sense of peace. I

knew that i did not leave anything unsaid, i feel that i did

everything i could to help him come and partake of the fruit of the

gospel. I felt peace knowing that this wasn't the end, somewhere down

the line in kojima kyoudai's life i feel that he will be ready to act

on the faith he has.

Amongst this i also recalled one of the things my Dad taught me

growing up, about how sometimes Good is the enemy of Best. In life

there are many "good" things, working hard in a job , providing for a

family, doing community service, and things like that are all very

good things. But if we aren't able to see past those things and

prioritize the "Best" things, our progress is cut short; we become

satisfied with the good, and never getting to experience the full

blessings and promises God has for us. God our Heavenly Father sent

his Son Jesus Christ to show us the way, He taught and showed us what

those "Best" things are.


Matthew 6:33 reads... "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his

righteousness; and ALL THESE THINGS shall be added unto you."


 Sometimes we feel that following Christ and striving for the Best

things means giving up the good things that we love and are definitely

important, but this is not the case at all! In fact as we obey Gods

commandments, follow Christ's example, and seek for the Best things,

we find that everything in our lives gets better! "ALL THESE THINGS"

will be added to us, meaning that everything that makes us happy (as

long as those things aren't bad things haha) will be made better as we

seek the Best things! I know this is true and that God wants our

happiness, not only after this life but in this life as well! I know

that by following Jesus Christ and his teachings we can find that

happiness, peace, and ultimate joy!


Have a great week everybody and remember to seek for the BEST things!


With Aloha,

Kurihara Choro


Since i never uploaded these last week here's some sakura pics! (Also

sorry mom i just realized ive been sending my pictures in the lowest

quality up until now hahah hopefully these are better!)

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