Kurihara Choro RETURNS to Sendai Mission OCTOBER 24th 2016!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

transfer 4 week 2

Hello Everybody!

Well Elder Wilson and I are still alive and well! Man i have never
been more tired in my life haha its pretty stressful having to take
the lead everyday in all the aspects of being a missionary. The past
three transfers i would have opportunities to take the lead at times
but i would always have a senior nihonjin companion there to back me
up, pick up the conversation when i didnt know where to go from "Hi
excuse me, we are missionaries from the church of jesus christ of
latter-day saints", or take the phone when i had no idea what was
being said on the other side of the line, and things like that. But
now my companion is the one expecting me to be there to back him up,
pick up the conversation, explain what is being said, make the phone
calls, etc. As stressful as it can be at times it is the best thing
ever and we have so much fun going out and doing the work. On the days
where I feel a little low on energy or unmotivated I just make up my
mind before we leave the apartment, to work my hardest and talk to as
many people as we can. And every time i just get excited to go find
people and the work becomes fun because we know we are doing our best.
We saw miracles over the past few days in being guided to find two
people who have interest in learning more about our message.

 Hope you all have a great week!

Kurihara Choro

PIc:1 Koji kyoudai a real brotha, helping us out with role play
lessons and going out to eat good ramen. He's moving away for work :(
PIc2: It was good enough weather to take off the winter coats! (Yes
its still freezing)
PIc3: Ate this ramen shop where we had this spicy ramen with a
japanese pepper that makes your tongue a little numb

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