Kurihara Choro RETURNS to Sendai Mission OCTOBER 24th 2016!!

Monday, March 6, 2017

transfer 4 week 1 Training!

Hello Everybody!
Well the first week of transfer 4 has been great! My new companion
Elder Wilson is from Florida and he is such a nice guy with a good
heart!  Before we picked up the new missionaries from the airport we
had a trainers meeting at the mission home,  In this meeting we
learned of the importance and weight of this assignment of training a
new missionary and how . In the beginning i was super worried and
scared to be training because i felt insufficient in my language
abilities and just knowledge of missionary stuff in general,
especially since the 5 other trainers there were all awesome
experienced missionaries further along in their missions. But
throughout that meeting my fears and worries were replaced with
comfort and excitement. Ive always wanted this experience of training
and now I get to do just that! Before we got to the airport I made up
my mind I was just going to work my hardest and strive to be the best
missionary i could be.

Well, the following day right after we left the mission home I had my
first "oh wow you really don't know what you are doing" experience
haha! So Ive never gone from the mission home to Izumi before so I had
like no clue which subway to take or what stop we were supposed to
stop at. But i called my district leader and after getting instruction
from him we made it home alright.

This past week was amazing! We worked so hard and talked to as many
people as we could and we followed the promptings of the spirit. For
the first time in my mission I actually felt guided by the Holy Ghost
while we were out finding. Elder Wilson and I tried really hard to be
sensitive to those promptings even for the little decisions like
"should we go down this street instead of that one? Should we continue
housing this area or walk home a little early to catch some people on
the street?)  We were able to find many wonderful people as a result!
I am not yet fluent in the language, and I still don't know everything
there is to being a missionary, but by consecrating ourselves and
giving our all i know that me and elder Wilson will be able to see
miracles this transfer!
I have a testimony that God never sells us short. Sometimes it may
seem that we are sacrificing so much by trying to be consecrated and
obedient, but God always blesses us a hundred fold!

Have a great week!

Kurihara Choro

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