Kurihara Choro RETURNS to Sendai Mission OCTOBER 24th 2016!!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

transfer 3 week 7

Hello Everybody!
   Man I have so much stuff to write about this past week! I know that
its a pain to read my long emails sometimes but this past week was
definitely a special one (but feel free to scroll down to the pictures
at the end hahah)
   So first of all Elder Holland came to our mission on Tuesday! Our
whole mission gathered together in Kamisugi and I was able to see a
lot of old faces. As we all waited for Elder Holland to arrive we sat
reverently and silent in the chapel, the anticipation was unreal! Ive
heard many times of other people's experiences of meeting an apostle
and how they can just feel the spirit so strongly. Man i can honestly
say i felt that, the moment Elder Holland walked in the whole chapel
seemed to light up and the spirit was so strong. Right after Elder
Holland along with our mission president and a member of the Asia
North Presidency (President Chay) walked onto the stand our mission
president went up to the podium and with tears in his eyes said that
"Elder Holland would like to shake all of your hands before we start".
I could feel the love our mission president had for us and how
grateful he was that we could have this special experience. As we all
stood up and waited for our turn to shake the hand of this apostle of
the Lord the spirit was felt even stronger. I got to shake Elder
Hollands hand and tell him my name and where im from, the whole time
he just looked straight into my eyes. Later he would tell us hat he
shook our hands so that he could interview us all and it sure did feel
like that, it felt like he was looking straight into my soul haha.
  My favorite missionary talk of all time was one I read when I first
came here to the Sendai mission titled "miracle of a mission" and it
was given by Elder Holland. In it he talked about how special the
missionary experience is and how much it changed his life. When I read
that talk the first time more than a year ago, I felt the power of his
words and testimony and I wished I could have been present when he
gave that talk. How special it was this past Tuesday to hear Elder
Holland give us a message very similar to that same talk. He slammed
the pulpit and powerfully testified to us of the once in a lifetime
opportunity we have to be representatives of the Jesus Christ full
time. The mission meant everything in the world to him and he wanted
it to be that for us too. It was such a powerful message and many
other things were shared but I can't fit it all in here!
   Next wayy crazy thing! About a month ago our mission president
really instilled in us the feeling of gratitude for being blessed with
the special opportunity of having an apostle come, by urging us to
really prepare ourselves for the upcoming conference. He told us to
really ponder a question that we had, study it out on our own to find
the best answer we could, and bring this question to the conference or
repeat the process to find another question. He gave us this
instruction on the impression that Elder Holland might ask us for
questions at the end of his address to us. And guess what!? He totally
did! He originally planned on using a white board to give us a lesson
on the Book of Mormon, but after the spirit he felt in the meeting
after we sang the EFY medley as a mission, he felt inspired to open
the floor to questions instead!!  I really wanted to come to his
conference prepared with a question so I started preparing and
thinking about a question a few weeks before he came. I was obviously
nervous and scared to raise my hand but I felt the prompting to ask my
question so after the first two questions were asked I propped up my
arm on the armrest of the  pew and wrested my chin on my thumb (to
make that deep in thought kind of look) at the time I thought it was
pretty clever because I was able to get my hand at least half way to
being raised and I still felt inconspicuous. So my thinking was, that
I would stay like this until I could bring myself to raise my hand. As
I was going through this thought process Elder Holland looked right at
me and then pointed! Hands down top 5 scariest moments of my life! I
stood up and asked my question of how we as missionaries can gain a
relationship with the Holy Ghost where we can be guided and inspired
in our everyday missionary work. I didn't receive any crazy new
spiritual techniques or anything, but it was more of being reassured
of answers I had received and things I had been taught previously in
life by my parents : becoming sensitive to the spirit is a process
that comes as we live worthily, seek his companionship and follow the
promptings when they come.

The Elder Holland conference was so awesome! I am truly grateful for
the opportunity I had to attend. But even more than that I am grateful
for the opportunity I have to be a missionary, to represent my savior
Jesus Christ and share his gospel with the people here in Tohoku
Japan! Ive grown up my whole life looking forward to these two years,
hearing the wonderful stories and testimonies of my parents who, like
Elder Holland, said the mission blessed and changed their lives more
than they could say. Its not all fun or glamorous and definitely not
all easy, but something about it just makes you happy! I love being a
My companion Elder MItabi will be finishing his mission this week and
returning home to Okinawa, this past transfer went by so fast and I
really learned a lot from him. I am looking forward to this next
transfer where I will be training a new missionary! I will be going to
the mission home tomorrow and then picking him up from the airport on
wednesday! Elder Wilson is his name, all i know is that he's from
America haha. Honestly i still cant believe it, ive always looked
forward to the day i could train a missionary because i've felt that
would be such a cool experience but i really didn't expect to do it be
this soon. I feel very inadequate, but I am so stoked as well! I know
that if we give it our all this next transfer Elder Wilson and I will
be able to see miracles!

Have a great week everybody!!

With Aloha,
Kurihara Choro

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