Kurihara Choro RETURNS to Sendai Mission OCTOBER 24th 2016!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Earthquake hits Fukushima ...

President Smith's comments:

Week Three

Pic1:Super good ramen but also the most fatty ramen ive ever eaten,
literally there were chunks of fat in the soup haha
Pic2: Guy from our ichinoseki ward who is going to sapporo for his mission!
Pic3: Regular day of Dendo!
Pic4: There are like 3 snow flakes in this picture but it was snowing plenty!
Pic5: FHE with Tsuyoshi Kyokudai (btw dad he served in Osaka mission
when missions were 1.5 years, do you know him? )
Pic6: Biking selfie yeup sketchy don't worry not going to do that again.

November 20, 2016

Hello Everybody!

So my moms doing the blog, but i thought i would send out short weekly
updates to those of you guys that want it! Let me know if anyone else
wants to get these! I don't have the emails of a lot of people! ALso
let me know if you don't want to get these updates hahah.

But anyways this past week has been great! I had splits with the zone
leaders down in the city of Morioka (which is apparently due to its
location and the wind or something, supposed to be the coldest place
in all of japan). SPlits were great and i got to work with Sato Choro
a nihonjin that grew up in Chicago haha he's fluent in both english
and japanese way cool guy. I learned a lot from him, man he talked to
everybody! I could really feel the energy he had about going out and
proselyting whether it was housing or streeting or striking (streeting
but your on bike). When you are young in the mission they say that we
have "bean power" which just means we are excited about everything and
are willing to talk to a lot of people. I need to get better at
opening my mouth, i do feel that energy and excitement everyday i wake
up but i just need to get better at acting on it! I think the key to
being a successful missionary is keeping that "bean power" throughout
the mission! I know that i have so much more to experience and learn,
but i will always strive to keep that fire burning. SImilarly after
missions are done we all have to keep our faith and testimonies
burning till our time here is done! May we all live everyday with
excitement and purpose! Love you all!

With Aloha,
Kurihara Choro

Man just real fast thought id share a short miracle i witnessed this past week! Friday night we had just finished family home evening at a members house and were riding our bikes home. I had a bike light but it was still hard to see. I was riding on the sidewalk assuming that it would have declines and inclines so that i could continue to ride on it and there were, but apparently there was one part that did not. The sidewalk ended and I suddenly dropped off the edge of the curb onto the asphalt, before i could even blink the face of the curb of the next sidewalk was in front of me. I was going too fast to stop and i was sure that i was going to get flipped off my bike as soon as my tire hit the curb. But miraculously my front tire somehow got over the face of the curb and after a big thud i landed on on side walk still on my bike. My front tire was dented inwards and also my back tire slightly. Who knows how badly that injury could have been especially with my back recovering from surgery! All the way home I couldn't stop thinking about that scripture in D&C 84:88 "...for I will go before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and my spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you to BEAR YOU UP." Very literally it was as if my front tire was lifted up just enough for me to make it over the curb. Man what a crazy experience. 

Monday, November 7, 2016

2nd Week

Woohoo well hello everybody!
Man this week has flown by really fast, its hard for me to really
remember what I did on each day individually. But I will do my best!
Yesterday was my first sunday at the branch! It was great, I am the
branch pianist now and so i know my sight reading really has to get
better. Me and my companion Bruce Choro are new to this area so we got
up to bear our testimonies since it was fast and testimony meeting. I
had written down some general points that i wanted to say but i
definitely missed a lot of them, but it was a very special feeling
being able to stand up there in this tiny japanese branch in the
sendai mission, I had another one of those aha moments where i thought
to myself "man your are a missionary again, you're back!" The members
were way nice and even helped me with a vocab word while I was
stumbling up there. Since it was fast sunday we got loads of Ringo
(apples), Mikan (tangerines), and Kaki (percimins). Also rice, and a
tray of pork (which is really expensive here in japan).
The branch presidency is great and we are looking forward to working
more with the branch and its members. In our zone training meeting
this week we talked a lot about working with the members to truly
convert them so they never fall away, and also on how to ask for
referrals without using that word and making them feel bad if they
don't have any. In my studies this week i've been reading in Alma
about the great missionary work of Alma, Amulek, Ammon, Aaron, and the
other sons of Mosiah. Specifically I loved the story of the conversion
of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. Man they were so awesome! Something i took
away from this story was the difference between the receiving the
gospel and being converted. Elder Bednar distinguished between the two
in a talk i heard in the mtc a year ago. Receiving the gospel and even
gaining a testimony are necessary, when we have these we know what is
right. Conversion however is more than just knowing or believing.
Conversion comes from us continually doing that which we know is
right, when we are true to the testimony that we have. I know that as
we all strive to act and do more of what we believe, we will gain even
greater faith testimony, we can become converted even as those people
of the Anti-Nephi-Lehies. I know God is our heavenly Father. I know
his son Jesus Christ is the savior of all man kind and it is only
through the power of his atonement that we can repent and become clean
and continually better and better. I know that they are real and that
they love you so much! Hope you all have a great week!

With Aloha,
Kurihara Choro

Now for some pictures!
The people i talked to on the plane to japan (first japanese
conversation of the mission!)
(Didn't take the Book of Mormon :( but they took the pass along card!! Haha)

1. ZTM Picture!!
2. Good ramen!
3. Pretty good curry, but it was huuuge! (Literally the plate was the
size of my torso and in japan its rude to not finish your food so i
tried really really hard to eat it all but I couldn't)
4. How i felt afterwards
5. Tracting in ichinoseki
6. RIce patties

                          Officially a missionary                                                              Pres. Wong

Aunty Dawny and Uncle Nick came to support Jonas as he was set apart as a full time missionary.

Saying goodbye to Kumen & Caleb at home before heading to the airport...

Next time Jonas sees baby Titus...he will probably be running around as a toddler.


Sisters Seina, Rumi and Mia will truly miss their big brother and greatest roll model...

Riho saying goodbye through face time from BYU Idaho...she most likely wont see him for another 2 more years since she plans to go on her mission in a year...

                     Aunty Yumi ...giving last minute tips about Sendai mission since she served there too.

                         Jonas enjoying his last Mcdonalds Portuguese eggs and rice for two years...

Bro. Berardy barely made it to give Jonas some warm and stylish gloves and scarfs as he is in the security line about to exit...what a great leader and support he has been for Jonas.

Dad giving Jonas last adjustment for a while.

Bishop and Uncle Ronald there for support and love...as always.

Aloha Oe!
Until we meet again in 23months...we love you and are confident you will do wonderful things on your mission as you put your trust in the Lord and give Him all your heart!! YOU Make us Proud!!

                                       ARRIVED SAFELY TO SENDAI JAPAN

With Mission President and sister Smith

Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I'MM BACKKK  WOOHOO!!!                                              October 30, 2016

Hello Everybody!!

Wow man where do i start?! Its just so good to be a missionary again,
even better back in the Sendai Japan mission!

So right when i got to my gate in honolulu I sat across this young
Japanese couple and knowing that i had to somehow learn Japanese right
away i started a conversation with them, I was super surprised that i
was actually able to hold a pretty steady conversation with them. But
I quickly learned that my church japanese really needed some work
haha.       I did my best and gave them a pass along card since they
didn't want to take the book of mormon. I also took a selfie with them
since they were officially the first Japanese people I got to "teach"
on my mission! The flight was long and I had a lot of time to read,
study, and sleep. Im sure the people on the plane thought i had
bladder issues or something because i literally got up to walk around
probably like 20 times during the flight! But my back wasn't too sore
when i landed so that was good. Once i found my way to the gate in
Narita I had 4 hours to study and sleep some more and try talk to some
people. Eventually a group of missionaries got there and i found out
they were going to sapporo. I said i was from hawaii and they were
like wait do you know shigeta choro? And was like NOOO WAYY!!! Hahah
it was wayy cool to see shigeta choro from one of my home wards back
home. (Don't have my camera with me right now but will send pictures
next week). Eventually the missionaries going to sendai got there and
i got to meet all of my "doki" (missionary group you come into the
mission with). Lots of way cool people. Eventually we got to sendai
and i got to be reunited with my mission president Smith Kaichou and
his wife Smith Shimai, man was that special. Everything after that
went like a blur and it felt like dajavoo being that i had done this a
year ago!

I am in a trio companionship! Me, Elder Uehara(his name gets mixed up
with mine like everyday haha and he's Okinawan!), and Bruce Choro (He
was in my same doki last year when i first got to sendai!) We are
laboring in the ichinoseki area in the Morioka zone which is just a
city over from kitakami the place i served in a year ago! So basically
everything is just so awesome and so perfect and Im just cant believe
it sometimes. We'll be streeting or housing and it will just hit me "
woahhh im a missionary again" haha its great! Ohh btw its sooo cold
already! Thank you so much Bro. Bernardy, Sis. Shepard, and Bishop
Lui!! The scarves, gloves, and socks you guys gave me right before i
left (literally as i was walking through security for bro. Bernardy
haha 本当にありがとう) they are saving me big time right now so thank you so
so much! I wear scarves, gloves, and my winter coat pretty much
everyday haha. According to Bruce choro its only 50 degrees right now
and its going to get much colder haha so that will be fun.

We have a investigator right now!!! Haha his name is Ryou Kyokudai and
he's a きんじん (golden investigator). He has a baptism date for December
3rd! His work has made it hard for him to come to church but he's
coming next sunday! Also we got fed dinner!!! Haha that was two nights
ago at the この 家族 ( kono families) house! Just for background its very
rare to get fed dinner in japan haha. We had district conference
(stake conference but its made up of branches instead of wards) for
the past two days in morioka which was awesome. This coming friday we
have our zone training meeting back in Morioka and that should be

I am adjusting back to missionary life well, and I am continually
improving my japanese. I still have to explain to every japanese
person i meet that no i am not dumb, yes i am japanese but no I don't
speak the language because i am from Hawaii haha im sure that's not
going to stop for a while haha I have a ways to go. But yeup i just
want to say again how grateful I am to my Heavenly Father and my
savior Jesus Christ. Every pain, worry, insecurity, and fear that i
had a year ago has been swallowed up in joy and excitement. I am going
to give everything I have to the Lord and his work for these two
years. It is a privilege to serve him in this part of his vineyard in
the Sendai Japan Mission!! I love you all! Thank you for all your love
and support, you have all helped me get to this point in my life.

Elder Kurihara
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