Kurihara Choro RETURNS to Sendai Mission OCTOBER 24th 2016!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Last post for a little while

Hello Everybody,
   As you all may have heard already, this is going to be my last entry
for a little while. During my first week here after alot of studying
and personal reflection, I realized that I had messed up. I made up my
mind to go and talk with my mission president. I was crushed to get
the news that I had to leave the mission to take care of some things.
But I knew that I had done the right thing. It was the hardest and
most terrible experience to have to break the news to my parents. They
don't deserve to have a son sent home from a mission, because they
didn't do anything wrong, they were amazing parents. So I never what
to hear anybody say that, "oh their son got sent home from a mission,
they must not have been good parents". I was the one who was prideful,
I was the one who messed up. I want to apologize to all those who I
have disappointed with this news. I hope some day soon I will be
worthy of your trust and approval once more.
   The good news is that my mission president is holding a spot for me
here in the Sendai Mission! I am going to come home and do whatever it
takes to be ready and worthy to come back here and do the greatest
work in the world. I know this is the Lords work. It was so hard to
say good bye to the people here in Kitakami. I have really come to
love them. Its my dream that I will get the opportunity to come back
to this little city and finish the work I started here. I know that
the message we share can bless everyone. I know Christ lives, this is
his church. I know that he performed the atonement and died so that we
could live and be found clean and pure at the last day. I cant wait
until the day I can represent him and wear his name along with mine
over my heart once more. I love you all.

Kurihara Choro

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 2 ... Things are looking better

Hellllo! yea sundays are awesome!

Alrighty I will now answer all your many questions haha

Transfer 1 Week 2

So this past week was filled with lots of interesting moments that I
will go into further detail in the video haha. But anyways we had a
typhoon warning a couple days ago and apparently the area below us got
nailed by it pretty badly, but we had the nicest and sunniest days I
have seen in japan! I think I should probably start shopping for cold
stuff at the end of this transfer or a little before then.
 I think over the past two weeks I have cooked dinner more times than
I have in my whole life... yup not even exaggerating haha. But hey I
think my vegetable cutting is getting much better. I had no idea how
easy it was to make mabutofu! We had that four times over the last two
weeks. I also made curry for the first time (picuture is below in the
white bowl). Ok so some less active guy in the ward comes before
church every week and leaves a fat bag of butt ends of bread and then
leaves... So yea we have alot of butt ends of bread in our freezer
haha. So breakfast usually is two butt ends of bread with jam
(japanese jam is amazing) and sometimes cereal (japanese milk is also
amazing) and then some fruit, this week it was nashi since we got that
in the fast sunday basket thing. Lunch is either identical to dinner
or its fried egg on butt ends of bread with ketchup and japanese
mayonasse. And then if we want to feel healthy we dip lettuce in
dressing and eat it on the side haha.
 We shop every p day after companionship study fort things that we
need for the next week such as chicken and sometimes ground beef,
vegetables (bell peppers, lettuce), and then milk since that runs out
 Every morning we wake up at 6:30 and exercise and shower and eat
breakfast. Personal study starts at 8, and then we have companionship
study from 9 until 11. Then we go out and do missionary stuff! I had
my first experience of tracting the other day and also talking to
someone on the train. It was scary at first but now its not bad. When
its hot and we are riding our bikes far then we usually stop by the
こんびに and get a drink and ice cream treat haha probably shouldnt do
that too often. But japanese こんびに are super messed up so we have to
avoid the left isle cuz uh, apparently theres bad stuff there.
 My companion is cool, he is still learning how to be a senpai since
I am his first bean and he has not even made his year mark yet. But he
is obedient to the rules and schedules, so that has been a good
example to me. He tends to get discouraged about this area and how
there aren't many people and the fact that we haven't been able to
really teach anyone and stuff but its not anything major. I am hopeful
that this week we will be able to teach this guy named gandosan who
seems really interested which is unusual haha. We also hope to teach
this lady we found named Chibasan who we contacted last week. She has
been to salt lake city like 4 times for a hair dressing convention or
something. Also we want to teach Chiekosan again, she is the one I
talked about last week who read the whole book of mormon already. We
are going to try commit her to baptism too!
 On Friday I went to my first Zone Training Meeting! It was cool to
be around alot of missionaries again and I met alot of cool people. Oh
and I met this guy elder Nakao who's dad also served in Osaka. So yea
Dad did you serve with a Nakao Choro??
 Anyways, I am beginning to like this smallish town of Kitakami with
all its rice fields, huge black crows, and really genki grandmas.
There are literally rice fields everywhere once you leave the city
area by the train station. Crows look super creepy when they are on
the ground hobbling around (me and my comp call them akumatori). And
Genki grandma is this lady that I have only seen twice since i have
been here, she is old lady that walks around with walking poles and
every missionary sees her when they come here apparently. They say she
brings good luck or something haha.
 Im excited for another week of doing the Lords work here in
Kitakami! On my own I am nothing, but with the Lord on my side there
is nothing I cannot do. Thank you for all the letters and emails! They
really have been a blessing to receive!

Kurihara Choro

Monday, September 7, 2015

Sep 6 2015
Hello everybody!

There is so much to write! After I arrived in Sendai me and the other
elders from the MTC met the mission president and his wife along with
his AP's. That night all 24 of us slept in the mission home apartment
upstairs all over the floor haha. After our training meeting which
took all of the next day, we stayed with a foursome of missionaries at
their pad. Oh and my trainer companion is elder didericksen, he's from
Utah and he has been out almost a year. I am his first bean haha so i
guess we are both learning. Although he's not a nihonjin I am learning
a lot from him about how missionary life is like. Anyways after that
we took a 2 hour bus ride to kitakami which is my first area! Our
chapel here is literally like two rooms, the bottom room is where
sacrament is Held, and upstairs is the bathroom and a classroom and
office I think. We are the only two elders here, and this town is way
way way less busy than Sendai haha. I was hit with homesickness for
the first time in my life this week haha, man I felt like poop. But I
spent a lot of time on my knees praying and I received much peace.
Knowing that I am doing the Lords work here and That I am representing
Jesus Christ, makes this work feel like a privilege and not a burden.
Literally the day after we got here we went on the hardest bike ride I
have ever been on. We had an eikaiwa Appointment which is a free
English class at mizusawa which was like soooo far! We rode for an
hour there! Haha, I think what made it bad was that we were riding the
legendary mama chari Hahaha. They weigh a ton, and have absolutely no
suspension. Oh and my brakes don't work either, my butt was soooo sore
the next day and it still kinda is right now. Ahh wow I really wish we
bought our own bikes here, but instead we use the bikes that are at
whatever apartment we go to. It's alright though, I think my legs are
getting a really good workout.
Findings is pretty hard here since there are barely any people outside
it seems like. But we have a couple people we have scheduled lessons
with. Chieko shimai is one of them and she is super close I think, she
read the whole Book of Mormon for crying outloud! Haha, but she came
to church and bore her testimony yesterday which was awesome. I
understood like 5% of what she was saying but I'm sure it was good...
Haha the language is improving I think. I was able to have several
conversations with people at church and i also bore my testimony and
introduced my self during sacrament ohh yeaa. I've been a missionary
for 3 and a half weeks, so I'm definitely not close to fluent yet, but
I have faith I'll get there. I miss you guys! And I'll get on those
letters once I get your guys' mail! Love you guys! Take care!

Kurihara Choro