Kurihara Choro RETURNS to Sendai Mission OCTOBER 24th 2016!!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Fellow MTC 宣教師 (missionaries)

Roommates ... Looks like my son's room (kinda messy 😜)

Shimai senkiyoshis

Was kinda hoping he would be in the picture somewhere too !😁
(Said he was having a little technical difficulties with uploading pictures 😞)

Kurihara Choro is off to Sendai Japan today !!!!😱

Received a surprise call from our Kurihara Choro this morning ... He is off to Sendai Japan !!!  Was soooo nice hearing his voice and feeling of his excitement to go forth and serve in Sendai !!!   Although his language may not be exactly where he would like it to be ... His heart Definitely is!!!❤️

He bumped into familiar faces at the airport which was nice (fane Harris & brother who are off to BYU ). 😊

Can't wait to hear from him again ... Which will be on Christmas !! 🌲❄️⛄️

🙏. Praying for safe travel and an amazing experience filled with the spirit!!!

He bummed into familiar faces at the airport too!

The Harris brothers

Friday, August 28, 2015

Hooray for missionary letters ... Finally received !!!! (P-days on Thursdays)

Ohayoo! Today is my districts first P day! Sorry I took so long to reply, but today is the only day we have to do emails and stuff like that. As i am writing this email I am waiting for my laundry to finish along with at least 20 other choros and shimais at 6:15 in the morning. I feel like I still might be slightly jet lagged because I still take a long time fall asleep and waking up is soooo hard. Well anyways, my neck has fully recovered and I can now look and tilt my head to the right haha. It has been a pretty awesome experience here at the MTC, but it has also been really discouraging and frustrating at times. As everyday passed by I realized that the guys that were in fast tract with me were actually not so much in the same boat as me. Hymas Choro and Reis Choro both lived in Japan for most of their lives, Purba Choro went to a japanese school, and Stevens Choro from australia has been here at the MTC a week longer than any of us since he switched into fast track later (he is a scriptorian and he knows his gospel words goooood  haha), and then there is me and Mccune Choro who I think are generally around the same language level. At first I got kinda discouraged that I was at the bottom as far as language proficiency and it sorta stressed me out knowing that I had so little time to learn the language. However, after a lot of praying and pondering I found comfort. I have faith that if I do all that I can to learn this language, and then rely on the Lord, he will help me with my inadequacies and short comings in the japanese language and in teaching. I cant believe that in only 4 more days i'll be leaving for Japan! Its kind of scary, but i am still super excited to get out there. Hope everything is well with all of you guys! I think i'll write a little message for each of you my siblings haha.

Riho: Thanks for all of of your letters and scrapbooking things you have made for me over the years, you have always been good about that and I am so grateful to have them especially now . Keep working hard in school and try not to get too stressed out the college stuff. Oh, and be safe on the road haha.

Seina: Keep working hard at the things you love to do! As you are starting high school this year you will probably face some challenges with finding good friends with good values over the next couple years, but remember to always keep your standards and don't be afraid to go off and make new friends. Glad we got to spend some time before I left :).

Rumi:  Thanks for always being willing to help me out with stuff haha, you have always been super happy and super thoughtful. Never lose that. Work hard in school rumi, I know that its like the most hard and boring thing in the world, but you need to do it and learn to enjoy it. As you do it will get better and will come easier to you.

Kumen: You are the man of the house now (besides dad haha) so you have to help out at home ok? Continue being strong willed and determined in all that you do, because if you do you will excel at whatever it is you aspire to do.

Caleb: Dude you cant even read yet but mom can read this to you haha. Keep being the happy and crazy kid that you are haha. But listen to mom and take care of Mia. Dont forget about me alright buddy?

Mia: Maybe mom can read this to you in like a year and a half haha. Cant believe you were sleeping as I left for the MTC! haha jk, but dont forget about your biggest bro ok? Keep being super cute and super happy and don't give mom too hard of a time haha.

To all of you guys: Im gonna miss you guys! keep in touch and be obedient to your mom and dad! Love you guys!

Oh and mom my unit number for mail and stuff is 175, but im leaving in like 4 days... haha